Drop Shot Divas

In June 2018, Unreal Media hosted their first Mini Writers’ Room in Denver, CO. Over the course of 3 days, Unreal hosted 6 screenwriters, 2 producers, and a head writer who fleshed out Unreal’s IP, Drop Shot Divas, a web series about the absurdities of a women’s suburban tennis league. Using a series bible created by Unreal Media, the writers developed characters, story arcs, and episode outlines for the first season. During the final day of the workshop, the writers live-edited the pilot episode, led by Unreal producers and the head writer. Unreal then hosted a table read of the pilot, using local actors, which was extremely well-received.

In a month-long follow-up, the writers each wrote a ten-minute episode and submitted them to Unreal and the head writer for final editing. At the end of the month Unreal Media had an entire season’s worth of scripts ready for production. It was epic.

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