Unreal Media

Unreal Media tells powerfully entertaining, powerfully authentic stories that matter.

And your story matters.

Unreal’s founding in 2014 brought together entertainment industry veterans with a passion for uplifting artists and creatives of all backgrounds and experience levels. Our expertise lies in creating meaningful stories, producing outstanding content, and delivering the goods through channels that maximize exposure.

We are driven to create opportunities and give voice to engaging, thoughtful, and funny storytellers from all walks of life. Through our commitment to representation and diverse perspectives, we hope to make the world, or at least the entertainment industry, a more inclusive place.

Our Beliefs

  • Telling a powerful story can change the world, one perspective at a time
  • Diverse, compelling content can only be made by diverse, compelling people
  • Membership to the Hollywood Insider’s Club isn’t necessary to produce outstanding entertainment
  • Leveling the playing field for marginalized people is no pipe dream, it’s our guiding principle

What We Will Do For You

We empower storytellers to define their goals and take steps to execute their vision, whether that’s in short or long form video content. Our goal is always to create content that is a true reflection of the diverse group of creative people that put the work in to make it.


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