What is It?

A three-day workshop and month-long follow-up program led by Unreal Media, in association with SeriesFest, with the goal of producing scripted content for television and the web.
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We believe that brilliantly creative minds exist all over the world and right in our community, not just in New York and Los Angeles. We take our writer’s rooms all over the country and we’re impressed by the talent we find everywhere we go.
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Our Mission

We hope to find and empower the voices of overlooked and underserved writers by giving them hands-on experience in a structured writer’s room.
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Even after my MFA program, I was amazed at what it was like to work in a real Writers' Room! We produced an incredible number of hilarious scripts in a short amount of time.

Misty BrawnerWriter, Drop Shot Divas

"The Mini Writers' Room experience was inspiring and incredibly useful. In addition to generating terrific ideas and fleshing out an entire season of episodes, it also helped everyone on the team feel ownership of the series and made sure we were on the same page in terms of character arc and development."

Cara Greene EpsteinWriter, Drop Shot Divas

”The Unreal Writers Room is a must-do experience for any aspiring television writer. As opposed to other writing labs or workshops, this was not about evaluating past work or discussing the "state of the industry." Instead, the Writers Room was a real world, real time, hands-on, dig in and learn through doing experience - which allowed me to really learn and grow not only as a writer, but as a creative collaborator."

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